Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Best Uses for Tree Stumps and Cut Wood

Cutting down a tree does not mean all of that extra wood has to find its way into a grinder. There are other uses for tree stumps and wood that has been left over from an old tree. Here is a look at what you can do with all that leftover wood.

Use as firewood

Cut wood is great to use in a fireplace on a cold winter day. Splitting the wood and storing it will allow it to dry out and make for longer, better burning. Leftover wood may even be able to last through an entire winter and beyond.

Sell it

If there is enough wood, there is also the opportunity to sell it and make some money. There are always people on the hunt for firewood. And if there is an additional amount of wood, you could even sell it for lumber. There is never a dry market for wood.

Let it be

A stump does not have to be removed and can be left standing. Birds will use it, insects will make their home and other critters will hide out there. As long as it is not in the way of foot traffic, there is not much harm in letting a stump be.

Decorate the stump

A tree stump can be left in place and quickly become a character piece. It can serve as a place for a bird bath, bird feeder, bench, planter or seat. There is the possibility of being very creative with a standing tree stump.

Make it a household item

There are many creative ideas floating around regarding what to do with a tree stump. This makes for excellent night stands or the base for a table. Browsing online will introduce you to some very intriguing possibilities for DIY jobs.

Create some shelving

Cut wood can be used to create shelving for your home. No home seems to ever be equipped with enough shelving. It may take a little bit of carpentry, but it does not take an expert to transform cut wood into usable shelving.

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