Monday, March 29, 2021

Keeping Charlotte NC Green: Arbor Day, Earth Day & Tree Planting Events

Charlotte has quickly become known as one of the fastest growing cities in America. In addition to all that prosperity, the city is also making a conscious effort to become more and more eco-friendly. That has resulted in a multitude of weekly, monthly and yearly events aimed at keeping Charlotte green.

Arbor week takes place during the second week of March and features a number of events. Tree giveaways, tree ambassador training, tree services and tree day events are all part of the festivities. The week culminates with a St. Patrick’s Day parade in which there are a variety of tree-themed floats.

Earth day takes place a month later in April and is one of the more recognizable days of the year. The city of Charlotte commemorates this day with sustainability awards in which local leaders are recognized for their eco-friendly efforts and endeavors. There is also a host of events planned throughout the city as this is not only a day for celebration, but it is one of awareness.

However, Charlotte does not limit this kind of awareness to one day of the year. Tree planting events are held year-round and also provide a means of socialization. People are invited to volunteer for tree planning events and in the process, they typically wind up connecting with all kinds of new people. There are educational benefits as well as social benefits to these events for Charlotte trees.

Charlotte is also home to a green network which connects businesses and professionals throughout the city. Over the course of the year, this brings forth new initiatives that are spread out throughout the city and the calendar. This is also a way of bringing businesses together and enhancing the overall business community.

Local businesses also promote the fact that they received annual Green awards. This is not just a distinction that goes unnoticed. Instead, it becomes part of advertising and marketing. There seems to be a sense of pride instilled with receiving a Green award. That has allowed businesses to build events around the eco-friendly theme.

This has helped tree planting events significantly, as they never would have picked up nearly as much momentum without the green movement. It is a movement that has united individuals, professionals and businesses throughout the city of Charlotte. And the reward is truly a more sustainable, eco-friendly place to live.

Tree Works in Charlotte NC does its part in helping the community by providing eco-friendly tree services throughout all of Charlotte.