Monday, February 22, 2021

The Importance of a Clean Cut When Trimming Trees

Tree Works knows all too well that trimming trees involves more than just cutting off branches. There are techniques involved that contribute to the overall health of a tree. These techniques serve the purpose of making a clean cut, which is extremely important in this process.

A clean cut is a way of describing a wound that is easy to heal. It is also important to note that every time a tree is trimmed, it receives a wound. When a cut is made, a tree becomes vulnerable to disease. It is the same premise that applies to people. When someone receives a wound, it needs to be attended to right away. The more it is exposed, the more problematic it can become.
On trees, a clean cut decreases the chance for infection or disease. It also accelerates the healing process. A tree trimming service who does not provide clean cuts may not show any of those missteps right away. Then, when disease strikes the tree a couple of months later, people may not even think to blame that service. But it may very well be that improper cut that is responsible for a diseased or infected tree.

Some of the techniques involved with clean cuts have to do with knowing the makeup of trees. For example, older trees that have swollen collars should be trimmed above where the ring is located. Cutting into the ring will not result in a clean cut.

Also, long branches that have a good deal of weight need more than one cut. There is a need to make one initial cut to allay the weight of the branch. A failure to follow these simple techniques will produce a cut that is not considered to be clean.

There are a lot of reasons to trim trees in Charlotte. The removal of branches is recommended when they become a danger to bystanders and structures. Shaping an appropriate canopy is another reason to trim trees. There are also better times of the year to engage in this service and a lot of that depends on the climate in a specific area.

Trimming trees is intended to promote the health of a tree, but if a cut is not clean then it can do more damage than good. Sharper blades will also complete the cutting process faster, making for a cleaner cut. Tree trimming services with subpar equipment may be more prone to making poor cuts, which could significantly damage a tree.

When it comes time to trim your trees, contact Tree Works for the best tree trimming service Charlotte, NC has to offer.