Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Your Property Can Benefit From Trees

There are lots of things homeowners do to increase their property value and improve their quality of life. One of those things is planting and caring for trees. With the right tree selection and well planned placement, trees and shrubs can truly enhance real estate beyond basic aesthetics. As you continue reading, consider the host of ways that your own home or business property can benefit from trees and tree service.

Curb appeal

When people arrive or pass by a home, they immediately start to judge it. If you are trying to sell a home, people will start sizing it up before they even make their way to the door. Trees add an aesthetic appeal and enhance the overall landscaping. They may also mask any small defects on the exterior of the home. When curb appeal goes up, so does the price of a home. Keep in mind that trees are a big part of that scenario. 

More quiet time

Many people don’t realize that trees can muffle a lot of surrounding sounds. Noise is amplified and carries more in open spaces. Meanwhile, trees are considered to be one of nature’s sound barriers, which can provide a quieter atmosphere. This can also have a very calming effect, while making for more comfortable and enjoyable occasions in the backyard on a pleasant afternoon. Being able to say your home is in a quiet area is another benefit when attempting to sell.

Reduce the risk of flood

Trees can be a natural barrier against floods. A tree’s roots will act as a line of defense by preventing erosion as well as soaking up water. Trees may also serve as an obstacle that waters need to get through in route to your home. This is most true for those near streams, creeks or rivers as seen in the image below. Planting trees outside your home is a proactive approach towards reducing your risk of flood and severe ground erosion. 

A cooling effect

In the heat of the summer, trees can reduce temperatures. Tree canopies cannot only provide shade, but they can also obstruct rays from the sun. Trees will not take the place of an air conditioner. However, those who live in homes surrounded by trees will see a reduction in energy bills compared to those who own homes without any trees nearby. Homes that have trees near their air conditioning units see those AC units run better because they are not directly exposed to sunlight.

When it comes to hiring a tree service in Charlotte, NC, contact Tree Works. Our team of professionals will provide top-quality service as we have a wealth of experience to rely on.