Thursday, August 26, 2021

Tree Services that Help Prevent Wildfires

People hiking through ash & burnt forest.
When visions of a wildfire come to mind, many people picture burning trees and flames leaping from tree to tree. And fighting those fires may involve fire hoses or helicopters shooting water on the blaze. But there are other approaches to fighting wildfires and fire prevention that involve tree services. Some of those approaches take place before the first ember even sparks. Here is a look at a few different ways tree services can help prevent wildfires.

Clear trees to create a defensible space

Fires need fuel to keep on burning and slight winds can help wildfires jump from one tree to the next. A tree service can clear out a space that will serve as a makeshift blockade for wildfires. Open areas without any trees can actually halt a fire. Tree services like Tree Works Charlotte are capable of cutting down multiple trees in short periods of time and disposing of them. This includes the stumps. Coincidentally, this method is also effective in traditional firefighting when it comes to wildfires.

Tree pruning to provide adequate space

Tree pruning can be used for more than just aesthetic purposes. Keeping trees from getting congested with one another will help to prevent wildfires from spreading. In many instances, high winds are responsible for keeping a wildfire rolling. However, when that wind dies down, the fire will need to spread naturally. Having tree branches overlapping and positioned right next to each other provides one elongated form of kindling. Pruning trees will help to provide adequate space between them and that can keep fires from spreading on days when there are no high winds.

Remove or prune problematic trees

Brittle limbs are likely to go up in flames much faster than healthy branches. Dying and decaying branches are essentially a good form of kindling. The same applies to trees with noticeable rot, dieback, or a frail bark. Pruning trees with these types of problems may sometimes be a lost cause as many are already too far gone. In those cases, tree removal is suggested instead. When trees are dead or on their way out, it is best to remove them before they can become prized fuel for a fire. And pruning trees to give them their space is always a good idea.

If you are in need of Charlotte, NC tree trimming service for any reason, then it’s time to call the professionals at Tree Works. Our arborists provide an array of services that ensure the health and beauty of your trees.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Consider Keeping Trees When Clearing Land

Clearing out land is done when new construction goes up, but that is not the only time this occurs. Installing a septic tank or paving a driveway are two other occasions when land needs to be cleared. On a larger scale, farmers and ranchers may need to clear trees from acres of land to make way for livestock pastures, riding arenas, and crop fields. During that process, most if not all trees will be cut down, but that does not always have to be the case.

When building a home, one of the attributes is the surrounding vegetation and that includes trees. The appearance of vegetation leaves an aesthetic appeal and can increase the price of a home. Curb appeal is also a major selling point for homes and it is difficult to have peak curb appeal without any trees. The future should always be a consideration when planning out the landscape of a home. Consult with a professional tree services company to determine the healthiest and safest trees to keep.

Even the most avid tree enthusiasts should be aware that not all trees should be kept. Ones that may be weakened or unhealthy can cause more problems than they are worth. So, when deciding upon which trees to keep, be sure to check their health. Trees closer to a home should all be very healthy. Otherwise, they run a greater risk for carpenter ant infestations. And next up in the path of those ants will be your home. Knowing how large a tree will grow and determining if it

It is also important to note that cutting down a tree will not destroy it altogether. As long as 60% of the tree’s root system is left intact, it will spawn new growth. This is where stump grinding and removal come into play. Clearing trees with a bulldozer is a way of destroying the root system but it can cause quite a bit of damage to the land as well as trees and other vegetation you wish to keep intact. If there is a desire to keep selective trees alive, then clearing trees with a bulldozer would not be recommended in most cases.

When clearing trees, most municipalities require a permit. A failure to do so could lead to trouble. That is why it is important to go through the proper permitting procedures before clearing any trees. An experienced tree service will be able to divulge the specifics in this area of service.

Another consideration is the potential obstruction that a tree may pose. If a tree obstructs a view, it could be considered in the way. However, trees often create a picturesque scene, which is something to consider before obliterating trees from a plot of land. Their appearance adds a scenic touch.

When you are ready to clear trees off your land, contact the Tree Works and we will prove why we are the top tree trimming Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Benefits of Full Stump Removal

Cutting down a tree may seem like an elaborate process, although hearing the word “timber” is just the start. Once a tree is cut down, there comes the question of whether to go with stump removal or stump grinding. There is a number of benefits that come with full stump removal and here is a look at a few of them.

No infestations

Old stumps can become a breeding ground for insects, particularly termites. This is never a good thing when the stump is anywhere near a home. Termites can wind up causing worlds of damage to a home and it is better to rid yourself of that worry altogether. Old stumps are also homes for other critters that can be very unpleasant.

New king and queen termites emerging from a log to spread and start new colonies.

Upgrade safety

Forget about the fact that old stumps are unsightly, but they can also be a hazard. Stumps serve as an obstacle and could be dangerous to small children who enjoy playing outdoors. Ridding your property of an old stump could also prevent an accident that could quickly turn into a premises liability lawsuit.

Halt tree growth

A stump is capable of producing other trees. This is because the tree’s roots are still alive. Failing to remove a full stump might mean that you will have to deal with new trees sprouting up every so often. This could cause more obstacles in your yard and cost more money to remove them. Call a professional tree services company like Tree Works in Charlotte to remove both tree and stump all at once.

Prevent lawnmower damage

If you have ever tried to mow a lawn while there are obstacles in your yard, then you know what an annoyance they can be. Stumps provide a major obstacle and getting too close can really do a number on your mower blades. One false turn of the mower could bring about an expensive mistake. It’s better just to avoid that possibility altogether.

No price drop

Have you ever tried to sell a home with an old tree stump in the middle of your yard? If the answer is yes, then you know it will likely result in buyers asking for a reduction in price because of it. Home inspectors typically cite old stumps as an issue in their reports. That will usually prompt buyers to ask for their removal or a decrease in the asking price.

We hope this article has helped you better understand the benefits of stump grinding services. If you are in need of full tree stump removal in Charlotte, NC, now is the time to call the team of professionals at Tree Works.

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Tree Service Company

The particulars of tree services are very involved and this is not something that should be attempted by just anyone. When you are in the market for some type of tree service, it pays to hire a professional tree service company. Here are some of the benefits when you go with that option.

Safety matters

A professional tree service will engage in the proper protocol when it comes to ensuring the safety of the premises. That means the people, a home itself and even the yard will be safe during the job. Safety will also be considered when the job is finished. That means trimming any branches that may be a hazard, pruning bushes that are overgrown, and removing old stumps. Safety matters in all aspects to the pros.

Money saving

Some people may look at the cost of tree services and fail to consider the long-term. Hiring a budget company or cheaper tree service for tree trimming or tree removal Charlotte NC might seem affordable. However, their quality of work has more of a chance of causing some type of damage or problem. This may include damage to sidewalks, sewer lines, and landscaping. A professional tree service will avoid those issues altogether.

Attending to young trees

The mishandling of young trees could prematurely damage them, or even kill them off. Some types of trees may be more prone to certain diseases or infestations at early ages. Professional tree service companies know what to look for in these instances. There are professional ways to handle trees, according to species, age, and size.

Professional equipment

Using professional grade equipment will help in a variety of ways. First, professional blades will produce cleaner cuts, which make for healthier trees. Secondly, tree removal and stump grinding require specific tools. Without those tools, the process can be both difficult and dangerous. These are tools best left to be used by a knowledgeable and experienced professional.


Doing tree service work on your own may get the job done. But even if it does, what are you going to do with all the debris? Professional tree service companies are equipped with the resources to remove tree limbs, trunks or stumps when they leave. Tree service can leave a lot of leftover debris that won’t be picked up on trash day. Save yourself the hassle and go with a pro service. 

 Are you considering a professional tree service company in Charlotte, NC to hire? If so, look no further than Tree Works. They are a highly respected and accomplished tree service in Charlotte, NC which will make sure your tree service is done safely and effectively. Contact us today and ask about one of our many professional tree services.

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Importance of Not Spiking Trees That You Trim

When it comes to tree trimming, many people conjure up visions of someone climbing a tree with spikes on their shoes. Meanwhile, each upward step puts a deeper gouge inside the tree. However, not all tree trimming services use this method as there are ways around spiking trees.

Using ropes, pulleys and harnesses is a safer and more effective way to trim trees. It also ensures the health of your tree. A major reason for tree trimming is to maintain a strong and healthy tree. Spiking the tree on the way up and down pretty much defeats that purpose. The wounds left from spikes could also wind up being permanent. And in some instances, it could result in the death of the tree.
Trees are susceptible to disease and that often comes from an infestation in a wound. Climbing spikes leave a trail of wounds, which essentially makes a tree extremely vulnerable.

Ascending towards the top of a tree without the use of climbing spikes requires detailed techniques, as well as the proper equipment. It is important to have each of those in place as it is the first step towards successful and effective tree trimming.

Those who use climbing spikes may also be limited in the area in which they can operate. For example, they may have just a few feet of room to operate and while they may remove branches, there could be a compromise when it comes to the precision of their work. 

A larger-size branch that is not trimmed at the right angle could leave an excessive stub. That could make the area more prone to disease. There is also the risk of climbers weakening other branches on their way up. That could lead to breakage in the future and present the hazard of a falling branch.

There are certain things to look for when hiring a tree services company. Those who do not use spikeless climbing may have a few questionable traits. First, the health of a tree should be a top priority and that ceases to be true when climbing spikes are used.

Secondly, spikeless climbing involves a certain level of skill. If a tree service has not invested the time into developing that skill, then other areas of their service may also come into question. Hiring a service, such as Tree Works of Charlotte NC, with skilled spikeless climbers could be a sign of a company’s dedication, commitment and expertise.

Tree Works always uses spikeless climbing to ensure healthy and beautiful trees for our clients. Contact Tree Works today and take advantage of our top-quality tree services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Keeping Charlotte NC Green: Arbor Day, Earth Day & Tree Planting Events

Charlotte has quickly become known as one of the fastest growing cities in America. In addition to all that prosperity, the city is also making a conscious effort to become more and more eco-friendly. That has resulted in a multitude of weekly, monthly and yearly events aimed at keeping Charlotte green.

Arbor week takes place during the second week of March and features a number of events. Tree giveaways, tree ambassador training, tree services and tree day events are all part of the festivities. The week culminates with a St. Patrick’s Day parade in which there are a variety of tree-themed floats.

Earth day takes place a month later in April and is one of the more recognizable days of the year. The city of Charlotte commemorates this day with sustainability awards in which local leaders are recognized for their eco-friendly efforts and endeavors. There is also a host of events planned throughout the city as this is not only a day for celebration, but it is one of awareness.

However, Charlotte does not limit this kind of awareness to one day of the year. Tree planting events are held year-round and also provide a means of socialization. People are invited to volunteer for tree planning events and in the process, they typically wind up connecting with all kinds of new people. There are educational benefits as well as social benefits to these events for Charlotte trees.

Charlotte is also home to a green network which connects businesses and professionals throughout the city. Over the course of the year, this brings forth new initiatives that are spread out throughout the city and the calendar. This is also a way of bringing businesses together and enhancing the overall business community.

Local businesses also promote the fact that they received annual Green awards. This is not just a distinction that goes unnoticed. Instead, it becomes part of advertising and marketing. There seems to be a sense of pride instilled with receiving a Green award. That has allowed businesses to build events around the eco-friendly theme.

This has helped tree planting events significantly, as they never would have picked up nearly as much momentum without the green movement. It is a movement that has united individuals, professionals and businesses throughout the city of Charlotte. And the reward is truly a more sustainable, eco-friendly place to live.

Tree Works in Charlotte NC does its part in helping the community by providing eco-friendly tree services throughout all of Charlotte.

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Importance of a Clean Cut When Trimming Trees

Tree Works knows all too well that trimming trees involves more than just cutting off branches. There are techniques involved that contribute to the overall health of a tree. These techniques serve the purpose of making a clean cut, which is extremely important in this process.

A clean cut is a way of describing a wound that is easy to heal. It is also important to note that every time a tree is trimmed, it receives a wound. When a cut is made, a tree becomes vulnerable to disease. It is the same premise that applies to people. When someone receives a wound, it needs to be attended to right away. The more it is exposed, the more problematic it can become.
On trees, a clean cut decreases the chance for infection or disease. It also accelerates the healing process. A tree trimming service who does not provide clean cuts may not show any of those missteps right away. Then, when disease strikes the tree a couple of months later, people may not even think to blame that service. But it may very well be that improper cut that is responsible for a diseased or infected tree.

Some of the techniques involved with clean cuts have to do with knowing the makeup of trees. For example, older trees that have swollen collars should be trimmed above where the ring is located. Cutting into the ring will not result in a clean cut.

Also, long branches that have a good deal of weight need more than one cut. There is a need to make one initial cut to allay the weight of the branch. A failure to follow these simple techniques will produce a cut that is not considered to be clean.

There are a lot of reasons to trim trees in Charlotte. The removal of branches is recommended when they become a danger to bystanders and structures. Shaping an appropriate canopy is another reason to trim trees. There are also better times of the year to engage in this service and a lot of that depends on the climate in a specific area.

Trimming trees is intended to promote the health of a tree, but if a cut is not clean then it can do more damage than good. Sharper blades will also complete the cutting process faster, making for a cleaner cut. Tree trimming services with subpar equipment may be more prone to making poor cuts, which could significantly damage a tree.

When it comes time to trim your trees, contact Tree Works for the best tree trimming service Charlotte, NC has to offer. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Your Property Can Benefit From Trees

There are lots of things homeowners do to increase their property value and improve their quality of life. One of those things is planting and caring for trees. With the right tree selection and well planned placement, trees and shrubs can truly enhance real estate beyond basic aesthetics. As you continue reading, consider the host of ways that your own home or business property can benefit from trees and tree service.

Curb appeal

When people arrive or pass by a home, they immediately start to judge it. If you are trying to sell a home, people will start sizing it up before they even make their way to the door. Trees add an aesthetic appeal and enhance the overall landscaping. They may also mask any small defects on the exterior of the home. When curb appeal goes up, so does the price of a home. Keep in mind that trees are a big part of that scenario. 

More quiet time

Many people don’t realize that trees can muffle a lot of surrounding sounds. Noise is amplified and carries more in open spaces. Meanwhile, trees are considered to be one of nature’s sound barriers, which can provide a quieter atmosphere. This can also have a very calming effect, while making for more comfortable and enjoyable occasions in the backyard on a pleasant afternoon. Being able to say your home is in a quiet area is another benefit when attempting to sell.

Reduce the risk of flood

Trees can be a natural barrier against floods. A tree’s roots will act as a line of defense by preventing erosion as well as soaking up water. Trees may also serve as an obstacle that waters need to get through in route to your home. This is most true for those near streams, creeks or rivers as seen in the image below. Planting trees outside your home is a proactive approach towards reducing your risk of flood and severe ground erosion. 

A cooling effect

In the heat of the summer, trees can reduce temperatures. Tree canopies cannot only provide shade, but they can also obstruct rays from the sun. Trees will not take the place of an air conditioner. However, those who live in homes surrounded by trees will see a reduction in energy bills compared to those who own homes without any trees nearby. Homes that have trees near their air conditioning units see those AC units run better because they are not directly exposed to sunlight.

When it comes to hiring a tree service in Charlotte, NC, contact Tree Works. Our team of professionals will provide top-quality service as we have a wealth of experience to rely on.